The OZRenew & Clean Bag is the perfect solution for odour elimination. This ozone generator was specifically designed to quietly destroy odours and bacteria that get in its path. The OZRenew & Clean Bag is perfect for dog beds, pillows, blankets and more. Our innovative CycleClean™ technology operates in 30-minute increments or CycleClean mode which helps the OZRenew achieve maximum efficiency and battery life.

  • OZRenew emits powerful ozone molecules
       Directly into OZ Inject system to clean gear
  • Easy storage
       Storage sack included
  • Wireless design
       Plugs right into the outlet
  • Includes boot pucks for refreshing your shoes
       A $40 dollar value!
  • 36”W x 52”L x 7”D
  • OZ products are not intended for in-the-field use.

WARNING: Ozone products are intended for use in unoccupied spaces

INSTRUCTIONS: Click here to view the OZ product manual.

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OZ Renew + Clean Chamber Bag Combo

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