The Vapour Waterproof series allows you to neutralize anything Mother Nature tries to throw at you from pre-season all the way to the peak of the rut. A midweight design allows you to withstand storms without getting overheated or restricting movement.

  • Carbon Alloy™ technology
        For maximum odor adsorption
  • Water/wind proof membrane
         Protects you from the harsh elements
  • Brushed tricot outer fabric & fleece upper lining
         For deadly quiet maneuverability
  • Two covered zip pockets
         To keep your essential gear secure


For portable carbon alloy reactivation use our ozone generators in the OZ line to clean and refresh the garment enhancing your time in the field. ScentLok OZ ozone generators are designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to virtually eliminate all types of odors and bacteria as well as reduce viruses.

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