• Carbon Alloy™ technology
    For maximum odour adsorption & scent control
  • Ultra-quiet fleece fabric
    That minimizes noise.
  • Moisture Wicking
    Keeps hunters cool & dry
  • Ultra-lightweight
    To prevent overheating
  • Polyester interlock outer shell & inner lining
    For maximum comfort in the field
  • Articulated knees & inner thigh gusset
    For increased mobility & flexibility
  • 20” leg zippers
    Deliver easy, a convenient dressing
  • Four-pocket design (2 waists, 2 thighs)
    Provide essential storage
  • Elastic side seam waistband
    For a secure, tailored fit

The Silentshell ultra-quiet and lightweight deer hunting pant is the ideal early season and warm weather hunting pant. The bow hunting pants are moisture-wicking and built with a polyester interlock outer shell and inner lining that keeps you cool and comfortable in the heat. The Silentshell lightweight hunting pants also feature our Carbon Alloy™ technology to destroy odours so you can avoid detection in the field.

Use ScentLok OZ ozone generators to clean and refresh your carbon clothing before your hunts, enhancing your time in the field. OZ ozone generators are designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to virtually eliminate all types of odours and bacteria as well as reduce viruses.

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